A catalogue is not only a testimony or record of the artistic and curatorial process of an exhibition. It also often serves as a tool for expanding artistic practice or reflection towards new horizons, as an essay does. New questions are posed and new arguments formulated.

The publication of Dodo exemplifies these ideas, owing both to the artists’ own interest in the nature and possibilities of print and to the dialogue established between curator and designer. The book is structured along three axes: the artists’ exploration of exhumation and the re-publication of traces; an approach to and reading of the context through time; and the way the questions and findings of the work group are displaced or translated into new territories and beings: the dodo and the extinction of a landscape.

In addition to the works on display in the exhibition of the same name at the Galería Jumex in 2014, Dodo includes a new work produced especially for the printed catalogue.

― Statement from publisher


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200 x 318 mm
160 pages, 147 images
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Adam Broomberg, Oliver CHANARIN