Dreamland & the Dog on the Couch

Dreamland & the Dog on the Couch

ONG Hean-KuanPeter OEY

Publisher: W.O.B Photobook Studio

“Many times, I dreamt of taking pictures in dreamland”

“Dreamland & The Dog on the Couch” is a collaboration between Dutch and Taiwanese photographers Peter Oey and Hean Kuan Ong. Both of their series are combined by Oey’s and Ong’s attempt to combine photography and dreams — Oey chasing after a red couch, a dog and Sigmund Freud, Hean Kuan choosing a more conceptual approach.

“In real life, the projection of images goes through my eyes first, and then they turn into pieces of visual memory. My dream was actually made from these pieces of visual memory, but often mixed up and distorted for my wish or lust fulfillment.” (from Hean Kuan Ong’s afterword)

Keywords: Snapshot

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