Drinking from the Eye

Drinking from the Eye


Publisher: Perimeter EditionsPhoto Australia

“Drinking From the Eye” by the Australian artists Honey Long and Prue Stent features works taken over a period of six years. In constructed images, photographs and macro-shots, Long and Stent weave together a series of uncanny scenes in which mucous-like, hyperorganic, seemingly nonterrestrial or glitched materials, objects and bodies intersect. With heightened focus on form and texture, Long and Stent capture (or construct) a world of living hybrids which questions our fantasies, our relationship with the nonhuman world (organic as well as inorganic) and the disposedness towards seeing ourselves reflected.

“The body is ever-present throughout Drinking From The Eye, whether literally through a performative interaction, or appearing figuratively in the leaking eye of a rock pool, the plush lips of a sea creature or the tingling tentacles of a sea anemone … Dreamlike, fluid, saccharine, gritty and fleshy, they challenge and captivate audiences with powerful imagery that is both subversive and surreal.”
― from the publisher’s description

Keywords: Australia/NZ


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280 × 208 mm
56 pages
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