Eyes Watercolors


Eyes Watercolors

Hiroshi NOMURA

Publisher: MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.

The diversity of an artist, Hiroshi Nomura, who studied oil painting at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, appears his works in several kinds of method: photography, drawing, painting and products.
One of his series,‘EYES’, starting since the beginning of 1990s, is not an exception.
He made various dairy articles stuck the seals of eyes like chairs, bags, cups, glasses, T-shirts and so on, and takes photographs of them.

The book is consisted of his watercolor drawings. His own keen sense of colors and brushing is well composed.
The works of EYES seem humorous at a glance but assert themselves enigmatically before long.
Simple questions may occur to you while being stared: are we watching or watched? What is difference between selves and others?

Keywords: Conceptual
Book Size
285 x 300 mm
24 pages, 12 photo reproductions
Publication Date
Limited Edition
M label No.5

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Hiroshi NOMURA

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