Get Down

Get Down


Publisher: Mousse Publishing

“Gokita is a painter’s painter, confident in his abilities yet humble about each outcome”

“Get Down” contains a collection of recent works by the Japanese painter Tomoo Gokita in color, constituting a major departure from Gokita’s usual grayscale and monochromatic palette. Created during the deceleration of life during the first two years of the corona pandemic, Gokita’s paintings in “Get Down” feature bright, pastel-colored portraits of family members, politicians, pin-up models or female wrestlers as well as more abstract works and still lifes.

Published to accompany Gokita’s large-scale exhibition at Dallas Contemporary, the book also includes views from the exhibition space as well as an introductory text by curator Peter Doroshenko and an interview (by Doroshenko) with Tomoo Gokita. All texts are included in English and Spanish.

“Gokita’s paintings are neither romantic nor classical. They are also by no means an expression of any kind of obsession. They emphasize the fragile, transitory nature of images and information that are otherwise constantyl updated and recycled”
― both quotes from Peter Doroshenko’s introduction

Keywords: Drawing/Painting


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Book Size
300 × 210 mm
80 pages
Publication Year
English, Spanish

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