Glass Tableware in Still Life


Glass Tableware in Still Life


Publisher: torch press

The project “Glass Tableware in Still Life”, initiated by glass artist Yoko Yamano Andersson, brings together artists from multiple countries to re-examine the genre of the still life, the beauty of glass, and the relationship between fiction and reality.
Each of the participating painters described in words an imagined piece of glass tableware that they would like to include in a still life. Yoko Andersson Yamano then created each of the described objects based on her own interpretation of the descriptive text and sent the individual items to the respective artists, who then included them in an actual still life painting. The photobook “Glass Tableware in Still Life” documents the project and its processes (from imagination to real object to art) in photographs taken by Masahiro Sambe in ateliers throughout Europe.

“[Yoko Andersson Yamano] offers the artist a chance, with their imagination, to evoke the reality of the still life which still doesn’t exist. I think of it as a sort of incantation that wants to breathe (in the literal sense of the word) new life into this art form, which has difficulty asserting itself in a time which suffers from the mania of placing a camera lens between reality and our experiences of it.”
― from Gunnar Larsson’s afterword (text included in English & Japanese)

The participating artists include Junichi Ishida, Yasuko Iba, Miwa Ogasawara, Saiko Kimura, Shinpei Kusanagi, Katsunori Kobayashi, Kouichi Tabata, Yui Yaegashi, Anna Bjerger, Anna Camner, Ylva Carlgren, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, CM Lundberg, Niklas Holmgren, Maria Nordin, and Rebecka Tollens.

Keywords: Still life


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270 × 220 mm
128 pages
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English, Japanese

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