Great The Kabukicho

Great The Kabukicho

Great The Kabukicho


“I visit locations I think are interesting, I meet people I want to meet, and then I take photos.”

  • Great The Kabukicho

Published by Doumori Publishing and designed by Hikari Machiguchi, Great The Kabukicho is the self titled monograph by the photographer Great The Kabukicho. The images are a collection of the photographer's works which captures the many facets of Japan, its myths and ideologies to its goverment and its people. From photographs of the Dalai Lama, Asakusa's Sanja Matsuri, the events and aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsukiji fish market, to photographs which capture performances and portraits of Public Enemy, Lee Scratch Perry, Yayoi Kusama, Africa Bambaata and Koji Wakamatsu - Great The Kabukicho stands as a visual record of the events which have marked and defined 21st century Japan- a reflection of the greatest theatre of truth at play and a photographic metaphor of a country wrapped in the symbolisms which epitomize the iconic and restless environ of Kabukicho.


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Book Size
222 x 157 x 36 mm
432pages, 250 images
Hard cover
Book Designer
Hikari Machiguchi
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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Signed 1995



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