Hear a pin drop

Hear a pin drop

LIN Shihyen

Publisher: akaaka-sha

In her afterword to “Hear A Pin Drop,” Taiwanese photographer Lin Shihyen speaks openly about her experience with self-harm, and the people she photographed for her series all seem to have a history of self-harm as well. She speaks of the helplessness of those around her, and her own perplexity. In “Hear A Pin Drop,” she does not seek to explore the reasons for self-harming behavior or offer explanations. United by their common experiences, Lin accepts her subjects as they are, their scars simply more visible than usual. Shot in natural light and avoiding unnatural poses and artifice, Lin’s subjects appear vulnerable yet resilient, and the book’s brilliantly edited pacing creates a continuity that mitigates the isolation of the individual images. “Before I knew it, I surpassed the age of 30. Upon reflection, I now realize that my will to live is much greater than I ever imagined,” writes Lin. The final photograph in “Hear A Pin Drop” shows a hand reaching up to turn off the lights. Another day comes to an end.


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Book Size
245 × 224 mm
120 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese

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