Heliotropic Landscape


Heliotropic Landscape


Publisher: Sokyusha

“As I wander in the dense woods, I am struck by a dizzying uneasiness that has no fixed point of view—it seems that my sense of existence and consciousness becomes vague. However, when the sun glistens down, I can hear the murmuring of things that are in complete harmony.”
― from Tamami Terasaki’s afterword

Tamami Terasaki is a young Japanese photographer whose work reengages and redefines the genre of the landscape. Driven by an understanding of nature not as a separate entity from human existence but as an existence that includes humans and human activities, Terasaki’s photographs provide challenging and fresh perspectives both conceptually and visually.
For the photographs featured in her series “Heliotropic Landscape,” Terasaki went into forest-covered mountains to photograph the views, sceneries and landscapes with which she was presented.

“In this work, the magnetic fields of historicity and meaningfulness are eliminated in advance; without being forced with a specific way of seeing, we are presented with images that are simply physically captured by the artist. The images are flat and do not suggest any elements for analysis, yet they do not reject the viewer’s gaze that is scanning over them and have a depth that gently absorbs it. As a result, a different ‘view’ emerges for each viewer from their experience of letting their gaze wander over the image.”
― from Masafumi Fukagawa’s essay “Wandering Gaze” (all text in Japanese & English)

Keywords: Landscape


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270 × 305 mm
70 pages, 56 images
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Limited Edition

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