TSENG Miin-shyong

Publisher: Providence University Art Center


"What is photography? I asked myself the question in the beginning when I learned photography, more so than ten years later, but even with time still could not find an answer that was practical enough to convince myself.

I am here.

'The elevator went up in the middle of the night, as soon as the door opened, out the door came a rushing rhino rushing', this quote is from a note by photographer Chang Chao-Tang.

From the chapter of 'Kiss Goodbye, my love' from Noa Noa - The Tahiti Journal of Paul Gauguin, he mentioned that he was two years older physically but twenty years younger mentally after arriving in Tahiti. On one hand he felt that he lived more like a savage, on the other he had more wisdom.

From 'Avec mon meilleur souvenir' by Françoise Sagan, she mentioned that she enjoyed the charming voice of Billie Holiday from her live music at a nightclub, from 4am to noon, for fifteen successive days.

My photography is moving forward towards these mysteries and uncertainties. From portrait photo-shooting in the beginning to landscape photo-shooting with metaphoric descriptions, little did I know and understand. Life is full of twists and turns with surprises, fears, and disturbances all involving the unknown.

I find answers through my camera lens, and I seek there when it does not belong here."---Tseng Miin-Shyong


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285 × 285 mm
82 Pages
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Chinese, English

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