Hey! Hattori

Hey! Hattori

Yasushi MORI

Publisher: LibroArte

In soft, almost intimate photographs, Japanese photographer Yasushi Mori portraits his life with Hattori, a cat he adopted. Hattori originally lived in Fukushima but had to flee the area – as many others – when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011.
While often cute on the surface, Mori’s images also tell a story of an involuntary resettlement, a living in dissonance with one’s surroundings, a being away from home. Through his cat photographs, Mori also concerns himself with the aftermath of the earthquake and the changes it brought to the lives of those who had to leave.

“One day, when I was looking at the photographs in the last few frames of the roll of film I had taken, there was Hattori-kun with an expression on his face that was just like mine. […]
Far from home, completely domesticated, here was his true nature, the expression of a wild animal he showed for a brief moment only to me.”
— from Yasushi Mori’s afterword

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195 × 230 mm
104 pages
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