Sidewalk Botanist Hudson Photo Journal

Sidewalk Botanist Hudson Photo Journal

Publisher: Arthurious

The Sidewalk Botanist is a New-York-based photographic journal exploring the visual details and idiosyncrasies of American neighborhoods and small towns. Focusing on a single neighborhood each issue, the magazine collects details, signboards, textures and other local identifiers.
“For me, the city is much more than its buildings, roads, or coffee shops. It’s the small details, those tiny visual cues that define a place. On the road, I was always deeply curious to see how those cues differ from town to town.”
— Arty Bedny, creative director

Three issues of the journal have been published so far, dedicated to Hudson, New York (Issue 1), San Francisco, California (Issue 2), and Red Hook, New York City (Issue 3), respectively.


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Book Size
250 x 174 mm
48 pages