Lee Ming-Tiao Photography Retrospective

Lee Ming-Tiao Photography Retrospective

LEE Ming-Tiao

Publisher: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Published by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), Lee Ming-Tiao's self-titled Photography Retrospective, was published in parallel with the Museum's commemoration of the legendary Taiwanese photographer's 88th birthday. Born in 1922 in Taoyuan County's Daxi, Lee Ming-Tiao too up photography with his uncle at the age of 14 and after the war, built and created various photographic ventures contributing greatly to vibrant Post-War cultural scene. This publication contains a selection of the 220 images exhibited within the retrospective taken from the late 1940s to early 1990s. Photographs from the five themed sections have been made available within this book from Outdoor Scenes, Inner Landscapes; The Human Charachter; The Feminine Form; Explorations in Abstractions and Lee's Travel pictures the photographs capture the immensely valuable body of work which marked the beginnings of the photographic practice within Taiwan. Here Lee's images serve a sa visual narrative of phenomena which no longer exists today, serving as both archive and resource into the beginnings of Taiwan's realist photographic practices to today's current scene.

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