Medeia 2.0 Issue 02: Stefano De Luigi

Medeia 2.0 Issue 02: Stefano De Luigi

Stefano DE LUIGI

Publisher: Indigo

The second issue of the Japan-based zine series Medeia features images from the series “Blanco” by German-Italian photojournalist Stefano De Luigi.
With “Blanco,” De Luigi explores blindness across the globe. What does it mean to be blind? What does blindness look like in different parts of the world? What does life look like when one is blind? De Luigi approaches these and other questions through portraits and situational snapshots taken in Liberia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Thailand, Peru, Congo, Rwanda, Vietnam and other countries.

“We always use the term blind to characterize a person, such as blond, fat, poor, or rich … The blind are a contrast. But a reality. Someone, in every part of the world, spends his or her time trying to make their life as normal as possible. But they remain a contrast. The photographer’s choice is to use colours, which they can’t see, and often portraits, for they can’t pose to, and penetrating, radiant, or strong lights, which they don’t percept.”
― from Stefano De Luigi’s afterword (in Japanese & English)

For more information on De Luigi’s “Blanco” series, we recommend this text by art critic Philipp Dagen.


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Book Size
274 × 184 mm
17 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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