Memories of Future

Memories of Future


Publisher: Benrido

6 Collotype Prints

This portfolio of six collotype prints is a collaboration between Japanese photographer Miho Kajioka and Kyoto-based print studio Benrido.
Shot between 2014 and 2021, the six poetic images focus on the theme of “girls” and are the result of Kajioka’s meticulous work in the darkroom. Kajioka, who takes her photographs with the mind of a painter, explores concepts of time, memory and place within her work. The mysterious and ephemeral images featured in “Memories of the Future,” too, play with the uncertainty and uncanniness of our recollection.

Collotype is one of the oldest photographic printing technique and involves oil-based pigment inks. The process is revered for its excellent reproduction of colors and gradations, the smoothness and depth of its texture and its strong durability. Founded in Kyoto in 1905, Benrido Atelier is one of the most experienced collotype printing studios in the world.

*Print Size: 25.4 x 20.3 cm


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258 × 206 mm
6 pages
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