Milky Way

Milky Way


Publisher: Yomogi Books

With “Milky Way,” Sayo Nagase’s imaginative, almost abstract photographs of natural patterns, floating sheets of paper, and reflections and illuminations come in the form of a photobook whose clever layout (designed by Yoshirotten) allows the reader to change the arrangement of the photographs. Folded out, the book even works as a poster.

“We are made from the same elements as the stars
In our transparent dome, inside our bodies, the past and the future swirl around,
arms and legs spread wide, gently swaying downstream

Eh? You’re going that way?
You’re not making a dam?
Are you scared?
There’s no need to struggle – you float

When we totally give our bodies to the flow,
we begin to melt, and start emitting light”


The book comes shrink-wrapped together with a badge and a luminous stone.

Keywords: Conceptual Snapshot


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Book Size
210 × 140 mm
Publication Date
Limited Edition
Vacuum-sealed package, includes badge and luminous stone

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