Morika's Dreams

Morika's Dreams


Publisher: Mirai-sha Publishers

“Mao-san, I have these dreams” is what Morika Yoshimura said to me. They are weird and savage and sexy. Hearing them sent shivers up my spine. I said “Morika, lets turn those dreams into photographs! If you recreate them, Ill photograph them”

“Mao-san, that sounds amazing, Let`s do it!”

  • Mao Ishikawa

Morika's Dreams is a physical manifestation of one's own existence in the world. A truly unique meeting of two kindred spirits, this photobook captures and portays the physical representation of Okinawan based artist Yoshiyama Morika's imagination captured by Mao Ishikawa. This artist collaboration brings to the fore the realms of both dreams and imagination, creating vividly exciting portrayals of the artist's thoughts which step foot into worlds of the absurd and fantasy.


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260 x 184 x 14 mm
64 pages
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