Mugen kiko A

Mugen kiko A


Publisher: Sokyusha

The dolls emerge from the darkness of the lens to wriggle and writhe in a realm that is neither of this world nor the next. My camera pursues these weird yet somehow endaring figures, and I press the shutter. That shivering sensation of connection, the moment you glimpse the perfect reflection of your feelings; these photographs are a collection of such captivating moments.

Curiosity will parley with fear, but when fear becomes overwhelming, interestingly enough, there is an irresiseible urge to laugh. Such is a grownup's sense of play. This work is the fruit of a triadic undertaking together with Keisuke Okuyama and Yohani Kibe, both of whom so kindly put up with my secret affections of playfulness. I thank you both for your support, to which I owe this supremely rewarding experience.

  • Mieko Sugimoto afterword, Mugen kiko
Keywords: Japan Staged


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Book Size
244 x 244 mm
94 pages, 70 images
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Limited Edition
500 (red cover: 250 / green cover: 250)

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