My name is My name is...

My name is My name is...

DAIDO Brothers

Publisher: akaaka-sha

“My name is My name is…” is the result of a collaboration between the Yuki and Koki Daido, twins born and living in Osaka. By freely mixing their photographs without explicit attribution, the brothers’ experiences and artworks form a unique, cohesive series. Throughout the book, the Daido Brothers utilize the inartificial nature and immediacy of snapshot photography. Refreshingly disarming and unpretentious, their portraits of people (friends, family and complete strangers) and innocuous moments seem like raw encapsulations of moments in their lives.

“What may be an eyesore to most, may well be a source of immense inspiration to others.

Their images certainly evoke emotion. It is no surprise they mainly shoot on film, their DIY ethos lending an urgent and compelling air to their world view. We are also drawn to their distinctive style and choice of subject.”
― from D.K.H.’s afterword


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Book Size
252 × 227 mm
64 pages, 52 images
Publication Year
English, Japanese

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