Myth Machines

Myth Machines


Publisher: hatorishoten

“Myth Machines” accompanies the large-scale Miwa Yanagi exhibition at the Takamatsu Art Museum, Yanagi’s first big solo exhibition in over ten years.
Presenting both views of the exhibition as well as reproducing the artworks themselves, the book provides a brilliant overview of Yanagi’s art. Complementing comments, stories and explanations help convey the artist’s intentions. The installations and video pieces of her exhibition—like the “Dream of a Mobile Little Theater”—are shown in a comprehensive format which allows the reader to experience the work at least in imagination.
A detailed list of works, an author biography and several longer essays (the latter only in Japanese) complete the exhibition catalogue.

“By going back and forth between art and performing arts, Miwa Yanagi’s work contains elements of spectacle and documentary, and thus crosses the boundary between fiction and non-fiction.”
— from the publisher’s description


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285 × 210 mm
128 pages
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