Night Procession


Night Procession

Stephen GILL

Publisher: Benrido

Set of 8 multi-colour collotype prints in a wooden box made in Japan

This is a limited special edition box featuring eight collotype prints of images from Stephen Gill’s series “Night Procession.” The images were selected the artist himself and printed at Benrido in Kyoto by master printer Osamu Yamamoto.

“Night Procession” is the first series Gill created after his move to Sweden in 2014. Shot entirely at night, the series captures the nocturnal life near Gill’s new home of rural southern Sweden and reveals a stunning parallel world usually hidden from human view.

“On my many walks, I soon came to realise that this new, apparently bleak, flat and open landscape was in fact teeming with intense life. Small clues appeared during daylight hours that helped me understand the extent of activity during the night. Clusters of feathers, animal footprints of all sizes showing regular overlapping routes, gnawed branches, eggshells, ant hills, nibbled mushrooms and busy snails and slugs working through the feast provided from the previous night
I started to imagine the creatures in absolute darkness on the forest floor driven by instincts and their will to survive. I imagined them encountering each other. I thought of their eyes – near redundant in the thick of the night – and their sense of smell and hearing finely tuned and heightened. Envisaging where this activity might unfold, coupled with a hopeful foresight, I placed cameras equipped with motion sensors, to trees, mostly at a low level, so that any movement triggered the camera shutter and an infra-red flash (which was outside the animals’ visual spectrum).”
― excerpt from the artist’s statement

Collotype is one of the oldest photographic printing technique and involves oil-based pigment inks. The process is revered for its excellent reproduction of colors and gradations, the smoothness and depth of its texture and its strong durability. Founded in Kyoto in 1905, Benrido Atelier is one of the most experienced collotype printing studios in the world.


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