On the beach

On the beach


Publisher: amana inc.

‘For a while, I turned my lens away from the horizon to focus on these objets in the sand. Persevering with my lonely task on the deserted beach, I half-succumbed to the notion that human civilization had ended. The sight of crafted objects rotting away is at once dreadful and beautiful.’ —Hiroshi Sugimoto (Excerpts from ‘Time's Yardstick’, included in this photo book)

In 1990, when Sugimoto was shooting his notable series Seascapes, he found mysterious objects scattered across a beautiful beach in New Zealand. For Sugimoto, they appeared as nothing but the fragments of our modern civilization, which have dissolved into void. ‘On the Beach’ now emerges as a side story of Seascapes, after 20 years since the images were taken. The photo book includes a selection of 24 works, with accompanying texts written in both English and French.

Keywords: Conceptual


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358 x 255 mm
62 pages, 28 illustrations
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