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Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, pasta, cakes, cookies and other fatty, drippy, junky food — “OOOFOO” by Japanese photographer Hiro Tanaka is not the kind of food photography that aims to elevate meals into an inspiring lifestyle aspect.

Tanaka took the photos in “OOOFOO” during wagon trips across the United States — having arrived in Minneapolis on the first ticket he happened to get, Tanaka met an indie band and began touring together with them. A few years into his new life, someone from the band gave him a camera and asked him to take pictures. That’s the genesis of this eclectic, colorful series.

In Tanaka’s images, the foodstuffs are almost transformed into abstract paintings or landscapes. Through familiar meals, Tanaka documents his life on the road, capturing airplane and diner meals and fast-food as something that seems strangely unfamiliar.

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