Our Eclectic Tokyo Home

Our Eclectic Tokyo Home

Ichiro OGATA Ono & Yu OGATA

Publisher: hatorishoten

No matter what form it takes, a house is a projection compiled from the events of a person's life. As the world continues globalizing and people move from place to place with increasing speed, it becomes difficult to compile an existence for one's self that reflects a stable worldview. People tend to want to affirm their own existence by taking on layers of specific cultures and a unique identity. In such cases, the same destiny may be assigned to their houses.

We first looked for specific architectural locations that we could project our own memories onto and made an effort to fix them in photographic form. Then we returned to Tokyo and chose materials based on those images. Now we will seek out new places to photograph from the images of the house we have built. For more than twenty years, we have been engaged on and off in the eclectic task of considering cultural elements and selecting materials for our Tokyo Eclectic House.

In our modern society, computers can solve instantaneously and simultaneously problems that we formerly had to solve one by one in succession. People wander through linked sites on the Internet as if in a labyrinth, but gaining an overview of the links among the sites allows them to glimpse the structure of the world. Our various series of photographs are separated by time and place. Turning the content of our photographs into architecture is like simultaneously processing the photos into a building, so that they exist in the same time and place. We will take all our photographic experiences and incorporate them into our Tokyo Eclectic House.


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