Vacuum 12

The twelfth issue of the Japanese street photography magazine “Vacuum” opens with a series entitled “Etude” by Takuya Suzuki, shot in the magazine’s hometown of Osaka. Other contributors include Nagisa Goto, Kotone Taniguchi, Jun Abe, Ryosuke Koshino, Mei Hirano, Jumpei Seto, Hsuan Lang Lin, Yuko Hirano, and Shogo Yamada. As always, “Vacuum” is all about street photography — no text, no margins, no compromises. Each contributing photographer is free to explore is free to explore subjects and locations of their own choosing. Now in its third year, “Vacuum” continues to represent the current state of Japanese street photography.

“Osaka: the place where it all began. The starting point of my never-ending journey. I only lived here for two years, but every time I take a look at my negatives from that time I still feel a deep sense of nostalgia.
I lost the prints I made before I left Osaka, and for a long time I couldn’t bear to think about them. But all this time I’ve heard a little voice calling to me from that corner of the shelf in my darkroom, and I’ve finally found the courage to face those images again.”
— from Takuya Suzuki’s statement (not published in the magazine; translation by shashasha)

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Vacuum 12

Takuya SUZUKI, Nagisa GOTO, Kotone TANIGUCHI, Jun ABE, Ryosuke KOSHINO, Mei HIRANO, Jumpei SETO, LIN Hsuan-Lang, Yuko HIRANO, Shogo YAMADA