Takashi YATOO

Publisher: Self-published

“I was just excited about the phenomenon in front of me
I wanted to leave this moment
And forget myself”
— from Takashi Yatoo’s afterword

Japanese photographer Takashi Yatoo’s photobook debut “Palam” (Korean for “wind”) is a touching, complex visual amalgamation. Edited with the help of fellow photographer Momo Okabe, Takashi Yatoo juxtaposes photographs taken over a period of 25 years with photographs found in his family album. The monochrome images are heavy on the blacks; the atmosphere is melancholic and thoughtful, but not without optimism and humour.

“My father was a second-generation Korean in Japan. He met my mother, a Japanese, and in Shijonawate in Osaka, they started our little family.
Beginning with his childhood, my father had to live a life known to many Korean residents in Japan. It seemed that he and my mother, who suffered a bad leg, tried to make up for anything they lacked or had missed out on.
I began to photograph about 25 years ago, when my father passed away.”
— from Takashi Yatoo’s statement

Keywords: Family


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Book Size
296 × 209 mm
168 pages, 158 images
Publication Year
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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