Samiro Yunoki - life・LIFE (D)

Samiro Yunoki - life・LIFE (D)


Publisher: Blue Sheep

Includes B1-sized poster

All four covers available

“Samiro Yunoki – life LIFE,” published on occasion of the same-titled exhibition at Play! Museum in Tachikawa, Japan, is a collection of numerous works by legendary Japanese folk artist Samiro Yunoki, whose practice spans from textile dyeing to prints, paintings, sculptures and picture books. Born in 1922, Yunoki was inspired by the potential and philosophy of Japanese folk art in the late 1940s. Through his relentless creativity and an experimentative approach, Yunoki imbues his art with a playful imaginative aura and a certain humorous outlook. Even at age 100, Samiro Yunoki continues to create and exhibit his works in numerous shows around Japan. The book features works from all eras of Yunoki’s life, including dyed textiles from the 1950s as well as recent works such as picture books and dolls. Thanks to the large A3 variant format, the book manages to capture the sense of scale of his works.

The book also includes a poster (B1 size; four different designs available) and concludes with a biographic overview and an interview with the artist (all texts only available in Japanese).


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420 × 260 mm
168 pages
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