Shikaku no Genzai (Present State of Vision)

Shikaku no Genzai (Present State of Vision)

Publisher: PUT

The photo magazine “Shikaku no Genzai (Present State of Vision)” was published in April 1979 by members of the Tokyo-based “Photo Gallery PUT”, themselves graduates of Tomei Shomatsu’s legendary “Workshop Photography School.”
In diverse series which explore abstract representations of the world as much as concrete (sub-)urban sceneries, the photographers Noboru Hama, Tomoyuki Oka, Yoshimasa Taguchi, Shingo Noda, Tsunetoshi Osafune and Hiroshi Sumitomo each explore the relationship between “seeing” and “capturing” and photography’s inherent limitations of depicting what-is-seen. This vintage magazine features an introduction by Noboru Hama and short lists of works for each participating photographer (in Japanese).

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