Simmon : A Private Landscape


Simmon : A Private Landscape


Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing


Published by Akio Nagasawa Publishing in 2012, Eikoh Hosoe's Simmon: A Private Landscape brings together the legendary photographer's iconic body of work which captures the then actor and participant of Juro Kara's legendary avant-garde theatrical troup Jokyo Gekijo (Situation Theatre) also known playfully as Kara Gumi, in a series of images which portay a visual narrative which explores and reflects upon the turbulent climate of post war Japan. Orginally published in a limited edition of 20, this republication makes available this iconic body of work. Bound within a bold red cloth cover, the images within comment upon both the collective identity and conscioussness embodied by Simon Yotsuya's charachter and captured through Eikoh Hosoe's lens.

Included within this publication is both poetry and essay by Kazuo Shiraishi titled Private Scenes of Simmon and an afterword by Eikoh Hosoe. Text available in both Japanese and English.


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Book Size
375 x 270 mm
84 page
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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