"small good lie" with print


"small good lie" with print

Daichi KODA

Publisher: Self-published

Handmade, special limited edition available only at shashasha

・Comes with an individually printed photograph

She said she wanted to die, and that was what propelled me to start taking pictures of her. I then started seeing the accumulated images in a different light to discover the photography again. By connecting each code which was happened as a result, I tried to tell a story about something else. Although this is just a simulation of loss in future, it also tells about points we've passed through.

  • Daichi KODA

This photobook visually portrays Koda's emotional feelings in relation to his personal sense of distance from death and loss. The images delicately convey both the intimate and emotional distance in which one approaches notions of death intertwined with the ephemeral present.

Keywords: Snapshot

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Daichi KODA

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