snow & ice


snow & ice

Kunihiko TAKADA

Publisher: Self-published

Avaliable only at shashasha

These past few years

I have been dividing my time

between Finland and Hokkaido.


With each trip,

it becomes more and more difficult

to adjust to the time difference.


Time crystallizes within one's body

and gravitates downward.


On a dark winter night in the arctic,

Earth is spinning so rapidly

on its axis,


The sound of the Earth's rumblings

penetrates one's snow boots,

Rising through one's toes,

smashing the crystals of the spine.


In the street light,

falling snow crystals collide

with their upward floating shadows.


The next instance,

they vanish.


From now on,

only the south remains.


  • Kunihiko Takada, the statement for exhibition "Crystals" in 1991
Keywords: Nature Landscape


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232 x 234 mm
70 pages, 60 illustrations
Hard-cover, slipcase
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