The Family of Dog

The Family of Dog

Michael RUETZ

Publisher: Steidl

With The Family of Dog, Michael Ruetz has implemented a unique photographic series in the last fifty years which at the same time presents a subtle and enlightening depiction of people and their social behaviour. Dogs, after all, are what we want to see in them and what we make of them. In the rarest case, a dog is simply an animal. Michael Ruetz photographed dogs on the street, at homes, on the beach or in front of the TV, which usually makes them fall asleep. He depicts them alone, with cats and cows and again and again as man’s companion. Ruetz avoids any mise-en-scène and imposing himself on the animals. Occasional provocative payoffs result from patient observation. As man in his daily routine, dogs slide into odd situations all the time. In this sincere and nevertheless ironic book, Michael Ruetz shows the various forms of canine existence, a comédie canine, in life as in death.

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Keywords: Dog Animal Documentary


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310 x 287 mm
144 pages
Publication Date
English, German

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