The Party is Over 1994-2004

The Party is Over 1994-2004

HSU Tsun-Hsu

Publisher: Self-published


A personal documentation of the last 30 years of Taiwan’s social and political happenings, Hsu Tsun-Hsu’s _The Party is Over _is a collection of images mostly taken between 1980 and 1990. What can be seen as images which capture and document Taiwan’s journey to democracy, _The Party is Over _is in more ways a representation Hsu Tsun-Hsu’s own journey in creation. Included within the publication are essays by Roah Ching-Yueh and foreword by Hsu Tsun-Hsu entitled ‘Outtakes and Embers’.

“Beyond these changes in era and emotional landscape, I believe that the defining characteristic of Hsu’s photographic work is a strong belief in the idea of truth and reality. From political satire, nudity and debauchery, to a common street scene, regardless of subject matter, we can detect a genuine conviction behind the detached, seemingly cynical attitude of the photographer. It is the absolute belief in the existence of truth, a glint of trust in his eyes in the goodness of humanity.” - Roan Ching-Yueh.

Keywords: Taipei Snapshot

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