The Poor in Spirit

The Poor in Spirit

YANG Yan Kang

Publisher: Unicorn Publishing

This impressive documentary series constitutes an in-depth look at Catholicism, its believers and its existence within (rural) societies in modern-day China. Chinese photographer Yang Yankang spent ten years photographing this project in the Shaanxi region of China, depicting the lives of the Catholic minority with empathy, interest and an eye for certain humorous situations, like kids lifting a nun’s veil to get a peek at what might hide underneath. Yankang captures Christian ceremonies as elegantly as out-of-use religious paraphernalia, portrays well-attended choir scenes as well as the quiet, intimate moments between believers and priests.

“These images by Yang Yankang demonstrate a courage in facing Chinese social reality – the images themselves have a visual intensity, and the photographer expresses compassion through them.” — from the publisher’s description

Keywords: China Documentary
Book Size
305 × 305 mm
168 pages
Publication Date
English, Chinese
Limited Edition

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