TOKYO Snap Shots

TOKYO Snap Shots

Masataka NAKANO

Publisher: IBC publishing

Reality is a combination of countless scenes, like shards, each varying greatly from another, huddling together to bring forth a mosaic artwork. Tokyo is a mysterious city, where fragments of selfish, unregulated scenes combine impassively to form the megalopolis. It is a kaleidoscope of all things Japanese and Western, packed with all kinds of preferences without reference to possible anachronism. Eclecticism, one could say.
Japanese people do not uphold a single principle or fashion; instead, they come to terms with the actuality of their relationship with other people and things and make the best possible decision to deal with the situation. This ambiguity has not only extenuated social unity, but produced multifaceted culture as a reaction. Stroll around the town with a camera and one can find Japanese ways of such thinking in the normal everyday scenes.

— Masataka Nakano’s afterword


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Book Size
258 x 185 mm
208 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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Signed 1995