Tokyo Street Vol. 6, 5, 2


Tokyo Street Vol. 6, 5, 2


Publisher: Self-published

Set of three books

This set consists of volumes 2, 5 and 6 of Tatsuo Suzuki’s self-published “Tokyo Street” zine series. Launched in 2019, Suzuki used this zine series as a regular outlet for his street photography from the depths of Tokyo. With volume 6, the series comes to an end.

Suzuki’s fascinating blend of expression, documentation and experimentation is an intelligent revivification of the Japanese street photography tradition. His images are moody, energetic, thick with emotion and strangely addictive. In the “Tokyo Street” series, Suzuki veers between traditional street photography styles and more open interpretations of the genre, with close-up portraits, almost macro-like detail shots and photos of trees and animals.
Each issue includes one print, an A2-sized poster and texts by contributors (Takeki Sugiyama for volume 2; Kenji Takazawa for volume 5; and Tatsuo Suzuki himself for volume 6).

“[Tatsuo Suzuki’s] work belongs to both fiction and non-fiction, and at the same time it betrays both What you find in the photographs is Suzuki’s ‘Tokyo’; his personal creation. It could be appreciated as a fictional city that does not exist anywhere in this world, but at the same time, a city that definitely exists.
He is a flaneur who roams the city as well as a dreamer. Therefore, even if he is criticized, he doesn’t stop shooting—but he is not alone. Some people look at his photographs and try to share his vision. You, who have picked up this photobook, might be one of them.”
― from Kenji Takazawa’s text “A Prescription for Street Snap-phobia”

All texts in Japanese and English.

Keywords: Tokyo Street Snap


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English, Japanese

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