Trouble in Mind

Trouble in Mind

Masafumi SANAI

Publisher: MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.

‘Trouble in Mind’ is the collection of photographs Masafumi Sanai (b.1968 in Shizuoka) taken in his twenties before he published the first book ‘Ikiteiru (being alive)’ in 1997.

The photographs show the views on the street with sharp and crisp details in his youth around when Sanai strengthen his determination to be an independent photographer.

As all of the photographs were originally taken in black and white films and printed on color method, entire tones are turned into yellow and orange hues.

Each page is reproduced with the plates of four colors (black, red, yellow and orange) on bright white paper.

The effect of unusual color brought us feel recurred memories behind eyelids and somehow appear like hallucination.

We can find clearly the evidence of his emotion that has characterized his works ever since.

Keywords: Snapshot Landscape


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Book Size
220 x 300 mm
180 pages, 86 photo reproductions
Publication Date
Limited Edition
M label No.6

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Masafumi SANAI



Masafumi SANAI

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