Koichiro KIMURA

Publisher: LibroArte

For his photo series “Words”, Japanese artist Koichiro Kimura attached a camera to the ceiling of his family home. For two years, the camera automatically took a picture every ten minutes, over 100.000 photos in total. The resulting images - selected by Kimura - offer an unadulterated record of the life of a family.
In the intimate photos, it seems like the scenery is already talking to us - showing us parents sleeping with their child, the kid taking a nap, the mother reading to her son. Perhaps there is no need for words.

“If the photos allow you feel like you are looking at a picture book, as if you are looking down into and watching over the house of another family, then I’ve succeeded.”
— from the artist’s statement

The images in this series have been exhibited at the Epson Imaging Gallery Epsite in 2014, and received an honorable mention at the Canon New Century of Photography competition of the same year.

Keywords: Family Conceptual


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