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Since joining the "image shop CAMP" in 1982, he has traveled all over Japan and has continued to work mainly at independent galleries. Since 1999, he has switched from black-and-white to color negative photography, and even now produces his own prints in the darkroom. In recent years, there has been an increase in filming and presentations of works overseas. Many of his photo collections include "Slow Boat", "Tokyo Candy Box", "MATATABI", "Faraway Boat", and "Have a Break".

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People often say to me, "You're lucky that all you have to do is go to places you like whenever you feel like it, and when you7re done taking photos as you stroll around, you can spend the rest of your time sitting back and drinking."

I agree with them 100 percent.

I myself wonder how I can make a living from taking such useless photos as mine.

They are not astonishing scenes, nor are they taken with superb timing.

They do not convey mystifying sensations or intense impressions.

They do not have healing effects, but neither do they push away viewers.

They are not difficult to understand, but they do not provide any definite answers.

Much less are they stories or documentaries.

This photobook, DRAGONFLY, which is a companion volume to GRASSHOPPER, will probably be seen as being quite an easygoing book.

But it's not bad to be able to continue taking photos in the way I do.

― from Koji Onaka's afterword

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Since shashasha’s launch in 2012, we have specialized in photobooks and artbooks by a wide range of artists from all over the world. Our lineup includes new publications and self-published works as well as second-hand, rare or out-of-print books by newcomers, established artists and legendary masters.

Each book available on shashasha has been hand-selected and carefully considered. Based in Japan, we make use of our unique perspective and expertise to offer a diverse and enriching catalogue featuring works by interesting publishers and artists from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

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