Yao Jui-chung was born in 1969 in Taipei. He graduated from The National Institute of The Arts (Taipei National University of the Arts) with a degree in Art Theory. In 1997, he represented Taiwan in “Facing Faces-Taiwan” at the Venice Biennale and took part in the International Triennale of Contemporary Art Yokohama in 2005, APT6 (2009) and Taipei biennial (2010). He also participated in numerous other large international exhibitions. Apart from working in the fields of theatre and film, he has taught art history, wrote art criticisms and curated exhibitions. In 1997, he attended the Headland Center for the Arts (San Francisco). He was artist in-residence at Gasworks Studio (London) in 2001, ISCP (NY) in 2006 and Glenfiddich (Scotland) in 2007.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012 - ''Honeymoon'' MOT/ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 - ''Long Live'' Landscape, Tina Keng Gallery, Beijing, China
2011 - ''Honeymoon'' MOT/ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 - ''Dreamy'' Goedhuis Contemporary, London, U.
2010 - ''Honeymoon'' Hanarts, Hong Kong
2009 - ''Romance '' Inart Space, Tainan, Taiwan
2008 - ''Phantom of History '' Galerie Grand Siecle , Taipei, Taiwan
2007 - ''Wonderful '' IT Park, Taipei, Taiwan
2007 - ''Cynic Republic'' VT Artsalon, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 - ''Everything will Fall into Ruin'' Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2005 - ''The Cynic'' Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2004 - ''Long March-Shifted the Universe'' IT Park, Taipei, Taiwan
2003 - ''Elysium'' Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, U.K.
2002 - ''Libido of Death'' Lee Ka-Sing Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2000 - ''Savage Paradise'' Lee Ka-Sing Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1998 - ''The Introduction of Taiwan's Contemporary Art vol. 4'' MOMA Contemporary, Fukuoka, Japan
1997 - ''Recover Mainland China-Prophecy & Action'' Dimension Endowment of Art, Taipei, Taiwan
1996 - ''Recover Mainland China'' Preface & Do Military Service, IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1994 - ''Territory Manoeuvre'' IT Park Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

Books from YAO Jui-Chung