The Garden of The Camellia

The Garden of The Camellia

Yoshihiko UEDA

Publisher: akaaka-sha

“The Garden of The Camellia” is composed of stills from Yoshihiko Ueda’s first motion picture of the same title. The story of the film centers on Kinuko who lives together with her granddaughter Nagisa in the house she once shared with her late husband and where she raised her children. On a spring morning, on the important 49th day after her husband’s passing, the goldfish he had been taking care of suddenly dies. Kinuko wraps its body in camellia flowers and buries it in the garden. She spends her day thinking of the past, cherishing her memories and trivial events, when she receives a phone call…

In this photobook, Ueda uses stills taken directly from the film to re-trace its story through the succession of only its images, adding now and then a few lines from the script.
Touching the worlds of moving and still pictures, of book and film, “The Garden of the Camellia” connects with its readers through the beauty of its images and invites them into its bittersweet garden of memories.


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148 × 223 mm
296 pages
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