Publisher: ADAD BOOKS

limited, five different covers (randomly selected)

“An aluminium-sodiumised sun emitting dark stream and vapors on the cusps of its halo, grey faces, sliced scalped, hair scribble, hands deformed in parallel tones covering treaty matter, elephantine. Light burns, white holes, ovoidal melted aesthetic, (im)perfect embodiments, cavernous marble mixes corrosive, fields of burning crystal salts, all ray skin studded and atomically splintered”

  • Oliver Pin-Fat

Published by ADAD Books in 2015, Abstract is a collaboration between independent publisher ADAD Books and the members of the photographic collective AM Projects. Included within are works by Tiane Doan Na Champassak, Ester Vonplon, Anotny Cairns, Daisuke Yokota and Oliver Pin-Fat. Created to coincide with Offprint London 2015 and Photo London 2015 this publication features work which explores and examines the photographic medium and its various contemporary abstractions. Each artist presents individual and unique works which examine the many possibilities of image making found within photography. Image distortion to experiments with chemicals, heat and photographic paper within this publication present explorations into the possibilities of the medium creating all new interpretations of landscapes, bodily forms and objects within this publication.


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Book Size
210 × 270mm
100 pages
Soft Cover
Publication Date
Limited Edition
750 copies with five different covers

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