LEE Kyung-Hee

Publisher: Tosei-sha Gallery

Signed, but it may looked well-worn as time goes by.

Published in 2008 by Japanese publisherToseisha, Kyunghee Lee'sislandis the artist's first publication. Based in Busan in South Korea, Kyunghee Lee has exhibited widely throughout South Korea, China, Franceand the U.S.A. Her works have also been showcased during the Paris Photo Fair and have won several awards. Kyunghee Lee's imagesportray a unique perspective into a world bound to the ocean. Captured in black and white, the publication contains 60 pages and includes an afterword written by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.

"When I see her photographs, I sense a romanticism and a lyricism coming from deep inside. Her inner being and personality are put right in front of us, but not in an overly overt way, but with grace and subtlety and style . When I see her work, I recognize the elements, the place, the mood, and yet her 'decisive moments' come at me in a way that I know I have never seen before. This is art at its best. Recognition with enlightenment. Familiarity with surprise. Distance with emotion. Kyunghee puts all this together as well as anyone I have every seen."

  • Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey
Keywords: Snapshot

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