Shinryo SAEKI

Publisher: akaaka-sha

Shinryo Saeki's "Aisatsu" means "greetings" in Japanese, and the book presents itself quite boldly. The cover and binding of the book is all bright red and white, colors which have a specific meaning In Japanese culture: life and death. This motif is reflected throughout the book, not only through images with strong red and white elements, but also the juxtaposition of images dealing with these themes. A baby crawls through a house on one page, while a funeral procession walks by on the next. Perhaps it's because he is a monk that he's able to think so clearly, and at times almost humorously, about these questions. Saeki shows a light, human touch in dealing with these heavy topics. The color photos in "Aisatsu" are a refreshing look at life and death in Japan. this book: information about each photograph (date, location, film), full list of acknowledgements and subject credits, text by Shihoko Iida.

Keywords: Snapshot
Book Size
224 × 276 mm
100 pages
Art Director
Hikari Machiguchi
Publication Date

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