Shinryo SAEKI

Publisher: akaaka-sha

In Aisatsu, his first publication, Shinryo Saeki’s personal view on the afterworld and the here-and-now were expressed with a certain incidental humour.
For riverside, which collects works created since the publication of Aisatsu, Saeki accepts the changes brought on by an unceasing flow of time, and allows his viewers to take short glances at the light that shines in the space between life and death.
Death — it visits even within the confines of the family, that most intimate of connections. With it, new life is born into the world.
Saeki cuts through the course of the obvious, everyday life, to show the invisible, mysterious moments in which the what is fading interacts with what is just beginning.
Little bugs and insects, artificial light, cirrocumulus clouds - life can be traced in them because they are ever-changing. Coming into photographs such as these, it becomes possible to imagine which riverside we currently stand on.

  • statement by the publisher (translation by shashasha)
Keywords: Snapshot

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