Night in Earth


Night in Earth

Katsuhito NAKAZATO

Publisher: Sokyusha

Relying only on the moon to light his photographs, Katsuhito Nakazato captured scenes on Japan’s coasts that rob them of almost all their familiar earthliness, to cast them anew as the results of volcanic activity on a rock in space that they are. This is not to say that Nakazato’s images lack romance or beauty, though – their combinations of colors and the forms and shapes speak of Nakazato’s aesthetic senses.

“We should also point out similarities in this series to Japan’s medieval dry landscape gardens, as well as the ink paintings that draw influences from the Chinese Song dynasty. For Nakazato’s photography truly does appear to be swiftly taking on a classic element. And the tinge of animism here — such exceedingly orthodox techniques o creation are indeed rarely seen in the area of photography.” — from Osamu Ishiyama’s afterword

Keywords: Landscape
Book Size
216 x 302 mm
76 pages, 45 images
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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Katsuhito NAKAZATO



Katsuhito NAKAZATO



Katsuhito NAKAZATO


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