Antonio Inoki 1960-1988

Antonio Inoki 1960-1988

Various ArtistsTokyo Sports Press

Publisher: Wani Books

Set of two books

The battles, victories and heroic poses of larger-than-life wrestler Antonio Inoki

“Antonio Inoki 1960–1988” celebrates the life and achievements of Antonio Inoki (1960–2022), the late Japanese wrestler, martial artist, promoter and politician.

Antonio Inoki began his wrestling career in the mid-1960s. He quickly became one of the most popular wrestlers in Japan and used his status to elevate the sport – for example in matches against the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali or American wrestling stars like Hulk Hogan. Off the ring, Inoki experienced success and controversy as a politician. In 1990, prior to the First Gulf War, he was able to negotiate with Saddam Hussein for the release of Japanese hostages captured in Iraq. Throughout his political career, Inoki advocated for more diplomatic involvement with North Korea.

Split into two volumes called “Fighting Spirit” and “Dreams”, “Antonio Inoki 1960–1988” looks back at the first half of Antonio Inoki’s life as a wrestler and as a public figure. The two books retell his journey from his debut as a young wrestler to one of the most influential Japanese athletes in journalistic photographs originally published in the Tokyo Sports Newspaper, with captions written by wrestling coach Kagehiro Osano providing more context.

Please note that “Antonio Inoki 1960–1988” is only available in Japanese language.

Keywords: Sport Documentary


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