Minyo Sanga & Monogusa Syui


Minyo Sanga & Monogusa Syui

Issei SUDA

Publisher: Benrido

One multi-colour collotype print / NUMBERED

Six motifs available

This is a series of limited edition collotype prints from Issei Suda’s two series “Minyo Sanga” and “Monogusa Syui,” selected in collaboration with Suda’s wife Yoshiko Suda. The “Minyo Sanga” series was first serialized in Nihon Camera magazine in 1978 and captures traditional folk festivals in Japan. His work “Monogusa Syui” focuses on alleys, passers-by and architectural details of Suda’s Tokyo neighborhood and won him the Photographic Society of Japan Annual Award in 1983. Both series exemplify Suda’s extraordinary ability to capture the strange mystery within the ordinary, to identify the links between inner and outer worlds, and to reveal greater truths through minor fragments.

Collotype is one of the oldest photographic printing technique and involves oil-based pigment inks. The process is revered for its excellent reproduction of colors and gradations, the smoothness and depth of its texture and its strong durability. Founded in Kyoto in 1905, Benrido Atelier is one of the most experienced collotype printing studios in the world.

Each print has been posthumously stamped and numbered by the SUDA ISSEI Works.

Print Size: 310 x 255 mm / Image Size: 290 x 228 mm

Please note that each print is sold individually. You will be able to choose from the available prints during the check-out process.


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Book Size
310 × 255 mm
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Limited Edition

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