【FOX】Journey to the Tobacco Shop on the Corner with print (Special Edition)

Special Edition

【FOX】Journey to the Tobacco Shop on the Corner with print (Special Edition)

Issei SUDA

Publisher: Place M


First published in 2001, this special edition published by the original publishers, Place M, brings together Issei Suda's iconic photographic illustration of his metaphorical journey through his surrounding neighborhood. Taken during the 1980s whilst Issei Suda was admitted to the hospital for a brief period, the photographs within this publication reflect both his time spent confined to the hospital room as well as his own documentation of the spaces most familiar to him. What is so elegantly explored within this publication is the symbolic representation of the beauty within the simple exploration and understanding of a space more familiar and less grand.A journey throughtheintimateand innerawareness one has within the spaces where the everyday and the banal are played out across the changing landscapes of a place which resonates all of which that surrounds the notionhome.

The Special Edition comes with a choice of two serperate prints: CAT and FOX

Keywords: Snapshot
Book Size
210 x 290 mm
102 page
Original Print
203 × 254 mm, baryta paper
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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