Anonymous Man and Woman (Tokyo 1976-78)

Anonymous Man and Woman (Tokyo 1976-78)

Issei SUDA

Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing

NUMBERED / STAMPED with Issei Suda’s personal seal

Issei Suda (1940-2019) originally shot the series “Anonymous Man and Woman” in Tokyo between the years 1976 and ’78. However, the one hundred photographs were never published as a coherent series. Several images from the series appeared as parts of other publications, namely the photobooks “Waga Tokyo 100”, “Ningen no kioku”, “Tokyokei”, and “Childhood Days”. The photographs include some of Issei Suda’s most accomplished masterpieces. Taken in the eastern part of Tokyo (where Issei Suda spent his childhood) and featuring an unbelievable range of subjects, the portraits are both an homage to Tokyo’s shitamachi region and a unique capture of the theater that unfolds in the streets.

“Anonymous Man and Woman” is an attempt by Tokyo-based publisher Akio Nagasawa to restore the series the way it was originally envisioned by Issei Suda.

“Just like there exists no flower that has no name, there are no nameless humans existing in reality.
If we consider those figures that our history books tell us about as protagonists, most human beings are reduced to mere supporting actors. However, needless to point out, a slight change of perspective will present them as subjects of their unique personal histories. While seemingly buried in the casualness of daily life, all of them carry their own individual power and toughness, concealed deep within.”
— Issei Suda (excerpt of a statement made during his lifetime)

All texts included in Japanese and in English translation.

Keywords: Tokyo Snapshot


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207 × 216 mm
160 pages
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English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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